Laser Machines

B Series



Laser Source: ComMarker


Working voltage: 110/220V ± 10%, 50/60HZ


Lens (working area)110x110mm

High-speed scanning galvo


Graphic Format SupportedAI, PLT, DXF, BMP, etc.

Wavelength: 1064nm.

Frequency: 15-25kH.

Repeat Accuracy:0.001mm

Min. line width:0.01mm

Min. Character:0.5mm

Cooling type: Air cooling

Warranty:2 years

Galvano scanner: Sino

Laser source liftime: 100000 hours


Product Description

Real Parameters】Laser Power: 10W, 110V. Working Area: 110mm×110mm (4.33*4.33inch), ;Digital galvanometer laser Scanner head with fast marking speed.


Size of B5 】About our 2in1 fiber laser engraver, Wight:only 5.8kg(12.79lbs), Size:37.7 x 26.6 x 46.15cm(14.84x10.47x18.17 inch)


【Industrial Grade Software】 Smart software compatible with 32 and 64-bit editions of Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10 and wide range of formats:PLTDXFJPGPNGAIBMP, also the software can generate bar code,QR code,batch number and date automatically

Rotary chuck/axis/roller is not supported. Engraving without depth.


24h customer service, Any before or after sale problem will be solved smoothly. Our products have two-year life warranty.


Our B5 2-in-1 machine can engrave metal, gun parts, tumblers,stainless steel knife, non-metal, plastic, lacquered wood, etc.


Support software : windows 7/8/10 and DTCAD(14 kinds of language)

ComMarker fiber laser engraver adopts upgraded innovative technology, Make your manual engraving operation more convenient and fast, save space, save time,save money easier to install.


B3 has a very fast positioning function, which can automatically mark in batches, while using red light positioning to make the engraving more accurate.


QR code/bar-code can be automatically generated in sequence without manual input.


High Speed & Accuracy The benefit of industrial configuration for the machine is that it works with extremely high accuracy and Speed.


Our fiber laser marking engraver can be install rotary, BUT this product is without rotary.


According to different engraving depths corresponding to different powers, if you feel that the engraving depth is not deep enough, you can repeat the engraving times.


Infrared Laser engraving machine is suitable all metals and some non-transparent plastic, you can marking all kinds of DIY characters what you like or your brand.


Our ComMarker products add your value to your DIY products while showcasing the unique style of your handicrafts.

Galvo: Galvo-Tech drive and scanning systems provide speeds up to 10000mm/s. High scanning accuracy and small error

Lens:lens(working area)110x110mm

Main boardBSL main board

Positioning bar:It is more convenient to place the object with the help of positioning bar, especially in mass production.

Red Dot Guidance:Visible laser pointers help make focusing quick and easy.

Manual Focus handle: It is easy to adjust the focus height with the manual focus handle.

This machine can mark all kinds of metal including Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Gold, Silver, Alloy Cooper, plastic etc. Commarker engraving machine for Jewelry. It can mark most of the plastics and rubbers. It doesn’t works one paper or wood material.