Nancy: I want to use the engraving machine to engrave pictures of my friends on the necklace, and then give it to my best friends.

Material: stainless steel metal pendant, gift box.

Engraving machine: ComMarker B3 JPT fiber laser engraver 20W (working area 150x150mm)

Parameters: speed: 800

Power: 100%

Steps: Import the photo to be printed into the software, then put the pendant on the machine, and you can easily engrave it.

Nia: I want to engrave my favorite pattern on my notebook, and I want to surprise my mom as a gift on Mother's Day.

Material: notebook

Engraver: ComMarker T2 laser engraver 10W

Parameters: Speed: 1000

Power: 80%

Steps: Connect the T2 engraving machine to the computer, then import it into the software, and adjust the appropriate size for engraving.

David: I want to engrave my and my wife's names on the ring. Want to give her a unique anniversary gift.

Material: ring, gift box

Engraving machine: ComMarker B3 Raycus fiber laser engraver 30W(working area 150x150mm)+rotary

Parameters: Speed: 1000

Power: 75%

Steps: Put the ring on the rotary, link the rotary with the engraving machine, open the software and then enter the text or pattern for engraving!


Emmy: My favorite is the glass/tumblers, I can engrave beautiful patterns on the glass/tumblers, and I can drink coffee with my own design every day.

Material: cup

Engraver: ComMarker UV laser engraver 3W (working area 175x175mm)

Parameters: Speed: 800

Power: 100%

Steps: Adjust the focal length and the parameters, import the pattern into the software, put the glass/tumblers on the machine, select the place to be engraved,then click the red light preview to confirms the engraving position and you can engrave!

After reading the creations and ideas of these friends, can't you wait to share them with us? Use your imagination to DIY with us.

Laser cut clear acrylic letter 'E'