ComMarker Leadership

Epilog Laser Founders Commarker , just like its name, focuses on commercial laser marking. 

Commarker provides engraving and marking solutions for start-up business entrepreneurs, shops, and small factories. As the pioneer of desktop industrial laser marking machines, Commarker helps thousands of small and medium-sized businesses to achieve convenient marking and engraving experience, so that marking is not limited to large factories, but becomes a convenient desktop tool for any small studio and workshop. The marking machine of Commarker has high engraving & marking accuracy and high speed because it is designed in full industrial laser marking standard, which is the best choice for commercial use.

Commarker is founded by Shanghai Diaotool Industry co., Ltd. The company has been operating in laser engraving & marking industry for more than 10 years. And it is a comprehensive enterprise integrating production, R&D and sales. After years of development, Commarker has grown as a leading brand in laser marking and engraving industry domestically. It has established trading partners in multiple countries including Germany, the United States, Japan, Malaysia and other regions after striking into international market since the year 2020.